Graphical interface Lua Universal Tools v5.0 beta - RELEASE ! (new edition 14.12.2017)

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Graphical interface Lua Universal Tools v5.0 beta - RELEASE ! (new edition 14.12.2017)

Post #1by Croc » 03.12.2017, 08:43


Application Name: Lua Universal Tools v5.0 beta (2013-2017)
Characteristic: Upgraded graphical interface to Celestia 1.6.1.
Feature: Lua Universal Tools - intuitive interface.

Size Application - 106,4 Mb (zipped), including:
  • LUT-5_basic - 43,5 Mb
  • LUT-5_additions - 62,9 Mb, including:
    • images_galaxy
    • images_cluster
    • images_nebula
    • images_other
    • 24 addons

    The minimum dimensions of monitor 700 x 900 pixels.
    User age 7-70+
    The authors of the upgrade v5.0: Gennady Lygin (aka Croc) and Patrick Ziegler (aka Gironde)


    Graphical interface - Lua Edu Tools v1.2 beta 8 by Vincent Giangiulio (aka Vincent)
    Maneuvering tools - CockPits v3D-1, protractor - Angular separation by Joёl (aka Jogad)
    Lagrange Points Tool v1.1 by Phil Batchelor (aka chuft-captain)
    Space Lift by Thomas Guilpain
    Graphical interface - Lua Universal Tools v4.0 (2013-2016) by Gennady Lygin(aka Croc)

    Applications Languages: English (en), Russian (ru), French (fr) when changing font sans10.txf.

    License agreement:
    Use and distribution of this software is authorized according to the license Creative Commons (CC BY-NC-ND) v4.0.
    The text of the license: in this place

    New tools:
    Autopilot, function "orbital flight" (with the programmer):


    RenderLocs - Panel Planetary nomenclature: 80 types of locations (individual visualization of each type of location):


    For more information, see User work guide with the graphical interface Lua Universal Tools v5.0 viewtopic.php?p=137340#p137340

    Parameters Graphical interface LUA EDU TOOLS and LUA Universal TOOLS.

    Comparisons between LET and LUT-5:
    Total controls = 129.
    LET replaces 50 controls, that's ~ 40%.
    LUT-5 replaces 112 controls ~ 90% !!!
    In addition:
    in LET there are 35 tools and features.
    LUT-5 has 96 tools and functions
    it's ~ 3 times more !!!

    (For more information, see Parameters LET and LUT-4/5, viewtopic.php?p=137430#p137430)

    In this form, Celestia will be more accessible to astronomy enthusiasts from 7 years old to 70 years old and up !

    Preparing to Install:

    1. Remove from Celestia folder:
    • "Lua_edu_tools" folder with all content (if there's)
    • asterisms.dat file (from "data" folder)

    2. Edit celestia.cfg file:
    • Add line:

      Code: Select all

      LuaHook "luahookinit.lua"
    • Edit line:

      Code: Select all

      ExtrasDirectories ["lua-applications" "extras" "extras-standard"] installation to Celestia 1.6.1:
    1. Extract file into "Celestia" folder and confirm file replacement
    2. Run Celestia installation (if necessary)
    1. Extract file into "Celestia" folder and confirm file replacement
    2. Run Celestia

    Note. For the correct operation of the graphical interface in French, you need to replace the font sans10.txf (from 18.11.2012 67Kb)
    to the font sans10.txf (from 16.08.2009 70Kb). To do this, you need to edit the extensions of these files.

    Note. The GUI has its own configuration file. By default, language = "en"
    It can be changed in the section "Define the language of the Lua Universal Tools' Graphical Interface."

    Note. When installing the GUI, the standard databases will not be loaded:
    • asteroids.ssc
    • comets.ssc
    • outersys.ssc

    Note. When installing the GUI, solarsys.ssc will be loaded without Pluto-Charon.

    Alternative bases of dwarf planets, asteroids and comets in the following folders will be activated instead:
    • lua-applications/data/asteroids
    • lua-applications/data/comets
    • lua-applications/data/dwarfplanets

    Note. When installing the GUI, all the regular * locs files will not be loaded.
    Instead, alternative locations and comets will be activated in the following folders:
    • lua-applications/data/Locks
    • lua-applications/data/asteroids
    • lua-applications/data/comets
    • lua-applications/data/dwarf-planets

Note. The Space exploration and Other sections will not work without spacecraft bases that are not included in the LUT-5 package.

Testing the installation:
Start Celestia in the window ~ 700 x 900.
Wait for the end script "Start.cel" (until disappears greeting "Welcome to Celestia!")
Open your window to full screen.
Check in the bottom left corner of the screen the message "speed (3190 km / s)." It shall be red.
If the color is white, the LUT-5 is not installed correctly!
Click button PULT (en)/Pupitre(fr). Check the graphic interface LUT-5 with screenshot.


If in the top right corner are revealed distortions in geometry, LUT-5 is established wrong!
Try the again restart Celestia.
Check Celestia for the presence of brakes on the Earth's rotation example.
On panel "Time Machine" increase the speed of rotation ~ 1000x.
If the Earth rotates smoothly without jerks, launch Celestia was normal.
If the Earth rotates jerky, try restarting Celestia.


You can download archive in parts:
(43.5 MiB) Downloaded 20 times
(62.95 MiB) Downloaded 15 times
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Post #2by gironde » 06.12.2017, 15:21

Hello everyone,

I think I echo Croc asking you to give us your first impressions.
Tell us if you have any problems, or ask us the questions that bother you.


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Post #3by Croc » 10.12.2017, 10:03

The accompanying text of the release (see message # 1) is amended as of 11.12.2017.

This is due to the partitioning of the archive into logical modules.
As a result, when the LUT-5_basic_module is loaded, the graphical interface becomes functional.
Modules LUT-5_module-2 and LUT-5_module-3 are optional. The user downloads them at will.

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