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Mirror material in Celestia?

Posted: 04.01.2017, 23:32
by Bouly
Hi guys

I was wondering if Celestia could deal with mirror properties (reflection) of materials in 3ds files.

Here is a print screen in Blender of the kind of rendering I would like to obtain with Celestia (you can see Philae and a small Part of 67P reflected in Rosetta's Solar Panels) :

Unfortunetly, it doesn't work in Celestia, is it a limitation of the 3D engine?

Posted: 05.01.2017, 21:07
by Fenerit
Yep! Reflectance shaders are not implemented. Aside this, you can get more advanced rendering by using the CMOD format instead of 3DS. CMOD format does handle normalmaps (bumps), 3DS not. There was a plan for 3D models' shadow casting years ago, but it has not been implemented yet, thus I suspect it has been abandoned at the current state-of-the-art.