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Posted: 10.09.2017, 18:12
by FarGetaNik
CM1215 wrote:Thank you very much!

You're welcome and thank you also! I was going to ask for that script, as the one I am using clearly failed here. I rotated the model because the front was actually north, but I could not verify if the prime meridian was facing the right way because the model corrupted before I could put it into Celestia.

I have to test everything out later :hi:

Posted: 10.09.2017, 20:28
by CM1215
Ok, sounds good. I looked at that 3D Asteroid Catalogue, and found a bunch of interesting models. I found a model for Charon that I think would look awesome in Celestia. Since you are better at UV mapping than I, I would like you to do to it what you did to the Dione model, if you don't mind, of course. It can be found here: (I assume you already knew that)

Posted: 11.09.2017, 05:40
by FarGetaNik
Haha yes I know of that one :D I wanted to do a proper bump/normal map fo Charon instead, but couldn't get around to it. Doing a model would be less work, but I can't retouch the step from data to no data this way (or not that easily).

Posted: 11.09.2017, 14:03
by CM1215
I managed to UV map the Charon mesh to as close to exact as I'll ever get, and you are right, those lines that separate the data from no data look ugly:

But if you happen to get the right angle, it looks quite nice:

Here is the model:
(5.63 MiB) Downloaded 75 times

Perhaps you should try the Pluto mesh that's also available, as its separator lines don't look near as bad.

Posted: 11.09.2017, 16:04
by FarGetaNik
Hey well done! Nah, for Pluto I think a normal map is much better, since its surface is much more flat: And I managed to surpress these steps a little with this one ;)

Posted: 12.09.2017, 11:45
by CM1215
I've been working, and have successfully UV mapped the meshes for Ceres and Mimas from the 3D Asteroid Catalogue. The map for Ceres I couldn't get oriented precisely enough, for Anim8or wouldn't let me. I had to offset the texture by 24 pixels in order for it to work. Here is a screenshot:

I was able to center the Mimas texture directly on Herschel Crater excellently, but there are still some craters that are off. I don't think I can fix those without messing up craters on the other side of Mimas. Here is a screenshot:

Here is the download link for the Mimas model. I've also included the UV mapped OBJ in case you want to take a shot at aligning the texture.

Here is the download link for the Ceres model. I have packaged it as a ready-made addon, for the texture is neccessary (I believe). There are also some SSC parameters that I believe are neccessary. Warning: Big File

Also, thanks for the link to those Pluto maps...I didn't even know they existed until you told me.

Posted: 12.09.2017, 12:26
by FarGetaNik
Regarding Ceres, I also did a model with a normal map, but I'm not happy with it because of the lunar lambert bug. But I did an albedo map (no shading):

Mimas looks fine to me! What texture are you using? The problem is that Mimas is a triaxial ellipsoid, which messes up it's coordinate system. Since we are talking about a mesh, the map should be planetocentric. This is not the case for the color map, so I'm out of luck.

Wow I can't keep up with your pace :sad:

Posted: 12.09.2017, 13:56
by CM1215
FarGetaNik wrote:What texture are you using?
I am using the 5k Mimas texture available at the 3D Asteroid Catalogue.

FarGetaNik wrote:Mimas looks fine to me!
Perhaps I should give you a better view:

And yes, the non-spherical shape of Mimas does indeed mess it up, but not too much.

FarGetaNik wrote:Wow I can't keep up with your pace :sad:
That's because I've really gotten the hang of UV mapping! :biggrin:

Posted: 12.09.2017, 14:58
by FarGetaNik
CM1215 wrote:Perhaps I should give you a better view:
Well still much better than what I got!