Neptune's moon larissa

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Neptune's moon larissa

Post #1by John Van Vliet » 18.10.2013, 00:41

body 807 larissa
-- will be uploaded in the near future --

I have been updating the spice files and figured i would update the bodies that have "plate shape models"
seeing i am on Neptune , i figured i would have a look at the two moons in""

these are small meshes 72 divisions and 37 rings ,or a tiny 72x37 px image
( normalized image ) and a mesh in blender
Image Image

from the Voyager2 images ( two images ) it looks to be your normal average small rocky body
offset 180 deg so that 0 long is in the center added "artistic" details , and the texture
Image Image
and two views in blender ( with and without the texture made for it )
Image Image

and two screen captures from Celestia
Image Image

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