Can this work?

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Can this work?

Post #1by Tegmine » 04.12.2011, 14:52

I recently found this site:

It contains models of asteroids based on lightcurve data, including many that wouldn't be the "usual suspects" (Ceres, Vesta, etc.). Is there any way one could use these in Celestia?



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Re: Can this work?

Post #2by selden » 04.12.2011, 16:16

Someone would have to write a program which converts their 3D format into something Celestia can use.

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Re: Can this work?

Post #3by chris » 06.12.2011, 19:59

I've written some simple tools to convert these models into Celestia cmod files. It's a fairly convoluted process:

- Convert the asteroid model to a Wavefront OBJ file (via a Python script)
- Convert the OBJ file to an ASCII cmod (via a C++ program that uses the assimp library)
- Process the cmod file to generate surface normals (cmodfix)

Many of the models contain a lot of very long, skinny triangles which can produce artifacts when rendering; quality can be improved by using a tool like MeshLab to remesh the models.

I'll post a link to the models that I've converted as well as the tools that I use. Matt Wronkiewicz has already created an add-on with about 40 of the light curve derived asteroids models:


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