JAXA has released a detailed shape model of Ryugu.

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JAXA has released a detailed shape model of Ryugu.

Post #1by JetCrow » 25.03.2019, 14:15

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Post #2by CM1215 » 25.03.2019, 17:40


These are some good models! By the way, it appears the "3M Polygon" model does not actually have 3 million polygons.

Thanks for sharing this link with us.
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Post #3by Lafuente_Astronomy » 26.03.2019, 11:55

I think this could be considered for an addition to Celestia Origin.
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Post #4by SpaceFanatic64 » 26.03.2019, 16:09

Celestia Origin already has a good model and texture for Ryugu, but the current model could be replaced with this one.
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Post #5by Art Blos » 27.03.2019, 16:51

Yes, I plan to add this model. Even already converted it for testing. Only need to move the texture to match the details.
The previous model is unofficial.
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