Elliptical galaxies don't use axis field

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Elliptical galaxies don't use axis field

Post #1by Paul » 30.08.2002, 06:49

This is admittedly a minor bug, but I found it a little annoying because I was experimenting with using an elliptical representation of the LMC (because 'Irr' just makes it too spherical).

I found that these fields give a good orientation for "LMC":

Axis [ 0.9 -0.436 0.0 ]
Angle 100

but only orient correctly if the galaxy is (incorrectly) a spiral, e.g. 'SBc'. If it is set to, say, 'E4' (which was what I was experimenting for LMC), it appears in the same orientation regardless of the fields, i.e. it doesn't use them.
Surely an easy fix, pity I didn't find it before 1.2.5 was ready... :(

P.S. Yes, E4 isn't really correct either - but I think it's visually the least incorrect from Sol's point of view.

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