36 Oph - distance incorrect?

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36 Oph - distance incorrect?

Post #1by Paul » 27.02.2002, 04:21

36 Ophiuchi is quoted on various astronomy-related sites to be around 20 light-years away, and in my own interpretation of the Hipparcos data. In Celestia, however, it is shown as being around 450 light-years away.

This is a minor discrepancy, of course, but I was curious as to whether A) this was a modification of HIP data based on some new info I didn't know about, B) there was a slim chance Celestia was calculating some distances incorrectly, or C) there was a typo somewhere!

I only speculate about B) because it's not the first time a star wasn't where I expected it to be in Celestia... just the first time I've had any evidence that it wasn't. :)

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