Where is it version 1.2.2 for download?

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Where is it version 1.2.2 for download?

Post #1by Flym » 20.02.2002, 22:16

Version 1.2.2 looks like what I was waiting for for a long time
(and probabily 1.2.3 even more :) ) but probabily you
forgot the link to let us download it... don't you?

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Post #2by donkey » 20.02.2002, 22:22

I don't think it's out yet?

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Post #3by chris » 21.02.2002, 01:08

1.2.2 isn't out yet . . . I'm still touching up the eclipse code, plus there are some other enhancements and bug fixes I'll be making. I just got finished adding accurate orbital calculations for the moons of Saturn. Expect 1.2.2 in about a week.



Post #4by flym » 21.02.2002, 08:15

I' m sorry :oops: , reading about version1.2.2 on the home page
I thought it was out, in any case I'm very happy to know
it will in a week or so....

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