Chris, I think the SiS 650 chipset rots...

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Chris, I think the SiS 650 chipset rots...

Post #1by Declan Royce » 27.06.2002, 03:03

I'm an experienced celestia user, and the entire HP pavillion series of computers ships with the SiS 650 chipset, 32 megs of shared video memory, Windows XP. I'm running a P4 1.6 GHz system, and I found much more stability (though insanely slow response) with an old pentium 1 laptop! What happens is: any change in resolution or going to full screen will result in a frozen program and a big white screen. Other crazy things happen that seem to randomly result in a blank screen and frozen program. Also, no spectral refelections. :?

I have a new vid card on the way, but I'm very dissapointed in this built-in capabilities. :cry:


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