Moon orbit problem

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Moon orbit problem

Post #1by PaSKud » 22.06.2002, 14:41

I'm working on Win98, celeron 600, gforce MX 400 64mb, 128ram. when i turned time to maximum amount, selected moon and pressed "g" the moon orbit collapsed. if anyone wants the screenshot of this bug mail me please -
PS. my celestia ver. 1.2.4

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Post #2by abiogenesis » 22.06.2002, 21:44

This problem has been mentioned many times in the forum already. The issue is with the "approximation" of the orbits. Many of the orbits break down in the far future or far past. I think I remember seeing a screenshot where Earth's orbit was a figure eight that took it through the center of the Sun! This is not a problem with Celestia, per se, just a problem inherant to the astronomical formula used to approximate the orbits.


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