1.2.4 runs poorly on my Pentium IV

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1.2.4 runs poorly on my Pentium IV

Post #1by fsgregs » 12.06.2002, 18:09

I have downloaded 1.2.4 to replace 1.2.0. I'm happy to see some new features, to include stars as points and eclipse shadows. The designers have created an amazing program. The Milky Way looks great as do planet textures. Unfortunately, even with a HP Pentium IV running at 1.6 GHz with a NVidia Rage 128 Pro GL video card, the program has some bugs. Earth, for example, appears with small black triangles across its surface and rotates in choppy jumps. I've turned down the number of stars but to no avail. Its night side lights are also very dim, nothing like they used to be in 1.2.0. Saturn looks OK, but all of its moons revolve in annoying jumps as well, as soon as I set the time to 10X or higher.

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Post #2by Le Baron Noir » 17.06.2002, 17:03

You've only an nVIDIA rage 128 GL Pro with your Pentium IV? It's normal, also.
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Post #3by abiogenesis » 24.06.2002, 02:09

I don't believe that nVidia actually makes a "Rage" chip. Sounds more like an ATI. nVidia's chips are called GeForce. I'd suggest downloading the latest drivers for your video card from ATI.


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