Iota Horologii(HR 810) with 2 Planet "b"?? bug or true

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Iota Horologii(HR 810) with 2 Planet "b"?? bug or true

Post #1by Chronos » 13.02.2002, 07:13

the first, celestia is the best space simulator, it is incredible, and wonderful
Iota Horologii (Iot Hor, HR 810) with 2 Planet "b"?? if you can see,
open celestia- on star browser select "with planets" and found "HR 810" and "go to", next, select "view options", select "view - orbits" and you can see 2 planets "b" on Iota Horologii, I know about "dust disk" in Iot Hor, but two planets together, i don't know.
well my English is not good (I speak Spanish)

Haa... i can translate the COPYING, README, TODO, controls.txt The celestia GUI or any other documentation if you want, and feel free of requesting it to me, and now I am translating the celestia GUI to Spanish :) and the "readme" doc for my, welll

see ya

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Post #2by Aya Reiko » 06.03.2002, 16:58

I'm guessing it's a bug.

This based on they're almost identical, plus the gravity of the two planets certainly cause them to draw themselves to one another and collide or orbit around one another like a Earth-Moon relationship.

Plus I looked at the extrasolar.ssc file and found only one entry for b Iota Horologii. I didn't see anything unusual there.

Found it. The planet is listed twice in extrasolar.ssc, once under HR 810 and again under Iota Horologii. Delete the HR 810 section in extrasolar.ssc should fix this problem.

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