Bug in Orbits

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Bug in Orbits

Post #1by Mikeydude750 » 11.02.2002, 23:17

When I accelerate time by a lot, and the time gets far enough, the orbits go all funky, and the planets then crash into the Sun.

Is this a calculation bug, or are we really going to crash into the sun in 100000 years?

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A description with images

Post #2by bruckner » 12.02.2002, 17:53

If you want to take a look at how the bug looks like and how to reproduce it, go to


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Post #3by chris » 12.02.2002, 20:24

Looking at bruckner's bug report, it's clear that the calculations Celestia uses for the orbits of the major planets are unstable over thousands of years. There are a couple of possible workarounds. My least favorite is setting a minimum and maximum time . . . What I'll probably do is just use purely elliptical orbits for the planets if the time is outside a certain range.


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