Problem with Celestia via Remote Desktop Session

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Problem with Celestia via Remote Desktop Session

Post #1by Dok1eo Sarangaengmu » 20.12.2020, 12:04

Celestia works fine with real Monitors, but fails with RDP-Sessions and generating this message:

Error: LoadLibrary with error 87: The parameter is incorrect.

Workaround for me is to disable within RDP-Session the real Graphic-device.

Prg: Celestia, currently
OS: Windows 10, currently (2004)
GrapicDevices: Virtual Desktop Display and a real AMD RADEON HD 6450
Displays: Remote Desktop Session App's/Prg's, and 2 real Monitors

In fact: The user is always forced to disable any real Grapic-Device, within RDP. That is not the normal method!.
Can you fix it, in the next/further Versions?

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