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Iapetus orbit

Posted: 04.06.2020, 23:25
by claudiogg
Hi all,

it is first time I post here, I hope for a good reason.

I was playing around and seen strange things happening with Iapetus Saturn's satellite. It seems that it is jumping from one place to another.

Also if you accelerate a lot the time speed, it will go out of Solar System at a certain point :eek: :biggrin:

Posted: 05.06.2020, 00:02
by SevenSpheres
That does seem to be the case, after some tens of thousands of years. I actually noticed this recently (that Iapetus was missing in the far future) while working on an addon, but I thought I must have done something wrong...

Also, I see you joined the Discord server - you need to verify yourself there.

Posted: 14.06.2020, 21:54
by SevenSpheres
The orbit of Iapetus gets really weird and chaotic, especially if you view it in Celestia 1.7.0 with fading orbits. At one point this happens...