Can't Launch celestia ( as if itsnt installed at all) - ubuntu

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Can't Launch celestia ( as if itsnt installed at all) - ubuntu

Post #1by vic » 09.02.2019, 21:07

No shortcut is created, the ubuntu's search for apps dont find any celestia, terminal say there is not such command and none of the instaled files ( at usr/local/share) seems to be executable.

Ubuntu 18.04

Zip File Downloaded ( not cloned) from git source.
i did :

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mkdir build
cd  build
cmake .. -DGIT_COMMIT=1234567  # instructed froom
sudo make install

installed at :

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/usr/local/share/celestia$ ls
celestia.cfg  controls.txt  data  demo.cel  extras  extras-standard  fonts  guide.cel  images  locale  models  scripts  splash  start.cel  textures

But the commands "celestia" or "Celestia" or "celestia-gnome" isnt valid command to launch it from terminal.
Do ./ in the instaled files dont seems to work either.
And ubuntu's search dont find any app to launch.
So i can't launch celestia ...

What i did wrong ?

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Post #2by onetwothree » 09.02.2019, 22:07

ls /usr/local/bin

there should be celestia-qt

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Post #3by selden » 10.02.2019, 16:13

Also, verify that Celestia's (celestia-qt's) binary is marked as "executable". There should be several "x" in the protections field of the "ls -l" command. The example below is for Celestia v1.6.1.

$ cd /usr/local/bin
$ ls -l Celestia
-rwxrwx---+ 1 Administrators None 2844160 May 8 2011 Celestia

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