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Post #1by FarGetaNik » 06.09.2017, 20:45

Binary star systems I asume you are talking about? They work fine in Celestia. Could you post the code you are using?
Bad ssc/stc code mostly leads to Celestia ignoring the system, so there might be another problem entirely.

John Van Vliet
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Post #2by John Van Vliet » 07.09.2017, 00:31

also please include the missing NEEDED information

as it stands there is NO / Zero / Nada way to help

"binary" as in what ? star ? or a recompile of the binary program ?
What version od celestia ??
What Operating system ?
What hardware ?
is this a desktop ?
or a laptop ?
or a handheld tablet ?

is there a 3d card ?
or a "chip" on the MOBO ?

and so on ............

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