OrbitColor parameters not working for referencepoints

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OrbitColor parameters not working for referencepoints

Post #1by PlutonianEmpire » 08.12.2012, 23:29

I learned about establishing custom orbit colors from here:

But when I tried establishing an orbit color to a reference point, such as Pluto-Charon, the color for its orbit remained its default color. :?
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Re: OrbitColor parameters not working for referencepoints

Post #2by jogad » 09.12.2012, 10:45


I don't know if it is a bug. In any case it is a little bit annoying. :(

You can change the orbit's color but the default color is displayed unless you specify that you really want to display the modified color. :roll:

You can do that with this simple celx script :

Code: Select all

PlutoCharon = celestia:find("Sol/Pluto-Charon")
PlutoCharon:setorbitcolor(1,1,0)  -- yellow orbit for Pluto-Charon
PlutoCharon:setorbitcoloroverridden(true) -- activate the change


Of course you can run this script independantly or add these 3 lines to your start script

Have a look here
http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Celestia/C ... overridden

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