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Re: Forum black-out ?

Post #1by John Van Vliet » 26.07.2012, 08:45

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Re: Forum black-out ?

Post #2by omega13a » 11.05.2013, 17:27

Same here. I was only able to view the forum by going to first... Its like there's some kind of ant-hotlinking protection that's a tad too sensitive in place... :?
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Re: Forum black-out ?

Post #3by Dollan » 12.05.2013, 16:09

I was worried that the forum had finally died something of an ignominious death. Thank goodness it's back; it would be just my luck that it would die after I finally make it back!

Still, I understand how it must be for Chris; busy with work, and other things pulling you away from what you love to do. I am glad that the forum is back up, though! Here's hoping that there might be a renewal of traffic!

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