Planetographic Grids of Venus, Ida and Dactyl

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Planetographic Grids of Venus, Ida and Dactyl

Post #1by VikingTechJPL » 26.04.2010, 19:18

Celestia 1.6.0's "Goto Object" control in the main menu seems to still define the North Pole of an object as it always has (and as many people still prefer): as the pole over which the object appears to rotate counter-clockwise. However, the Planetographic grids of Venus, Ida and Dactyl (and presumably other objects with retrograde rotations) are inverted from this convention, as if Celestia's new planetographic grids are meant to adhere to the IAU's definition of north.

Since this creates a discrepency between "Goto Object's" listed coordinates and the apparent coordinates of the grids, is this a bug or are there plans to adopt the IAU's convention in future versions of Celestia?
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