Unexpected Celestia behaviour running larger scripts

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Unexpected Celestia behaviour running larger scripts

Post #1by Marco Klunder » 01.11.2009, 21:03


Also knowing a circumvation, I just wanted to report a problem a have with Celestia 160 (and also in the recent available Celestia 161 SVN), when running "larger" scripts. It concerns unexpected behaviour of a script, after a specific quantity of code did run succesfully within 1 script file. The circumvention is to split the code in more smaller files/parts and call these parts from within a main script.

Because it concerns a problem with "larger" scripts, it's difficult to write the example code in this post right now, on the other hand I can describe it as follows, using my "Moon Phenomena" script as an example, which can be downloaded from the Motherlode: http://celestiamotherlode.net/catalog/show_addon_details.php?addon_id=1355
When you look at this script now, it is divided into 4 parts:
1) ..\scripts\Libration_EN_2009.celx
2) ..\scripts\Libration_EN_2009\Libration_EN_2009_a.celx
3) ..\scripts\Libration_EN_2009\Libration_EN_2009_b.celx
4) ..\scripts\Libration_EN_2009\Libration_EN_2009_c.celx
The parts 2, 3 and 4 are called from the main script in part 1.
This is also the circumvention of the problem that causes strange script behaviour when the whole script just existed in 1 part :!: :!: :!:

To let the script exist in just 1 part, simply copy and past the parts 2, 3 and 4 on the right place in the main script in part 1 and also copy the defined functions in part 1 of course, and remove the calls to the external scripts in the main script. (I didn't upload this one to the Motherlode of course, because of the mentioned problem).
If someone wants to investigate this problem, he/she can also contact me (marco.klunder@hccnet.nl) and I will sent the mentioned script in 1 part by mail.

In the case of having the script in 1 part, the script starts fine, but (at least on my computer) when reaching the code (after a minute or 10) after the comment lines:
-- Elliptical orbit of the Moon with corresponding variable velocity.
(which is originally located in part 4),
the scene then at once has a very low FOV value and the observer orrientation is also different as programmed.
This without changing any code, compared to the part4 script on this point in the script.
So that leaves the question: What's happening here :?: :?: :?:

Unfortunately, to investigate this problem, each time you'll have to wait a minute or 10 after start running the script, before the problem appears. I promise you however, this is not a specific "Moon phenomena" script problem, I also had this problem with other "larger" scripts, written in the past.....

Hopefully there can be found a real solution for this, next to the circumvention I already mentioned in this post!!!!

Kind regards, Marco

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