Bug? or Error?

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Bug? or Error?

Post #1by fly_space » 22.10.2009, 10:52

Celestia Version: 1.6.0

Hello~ :D

I have a question.
I ran Celestia yesterday. At the same time, I saw a newspaper story in internet.
That newspaper story was talk about a planet's disposion.

In March 10, 1982, Planets were dispositioned in a beeline. but when I set that time in celestia, it didn't show.
Why Originate Problem like this???
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Re: Bug? or Error?

Post #2by selden » 22.10.2009, 12:50

Whoever said that the planets were all aligned in a row was mistaken. Many of the planets were on the same side of the Sun, but not in a line. See, for example, http://www.gi.alaska.edu/ScienceForum/ASF5/528.html

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