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Light Sourse Problem

Posted: 21.10.2009, 20:03
by Tavotrio

After instal the new Celestia, one of the planets of my system got red, if I disable the ring's shadow it get its texture, I think that's because too much light sources is being used (3 stars) and rings and ocean to make shadows and reflection, but it worked on the old celestia....

I noticed in the rings and than in the reflection on the sea another light sourse near the closest star, and it behave very strangely like an error... take a look here: the same point, on the left you can see the strange shadow on the rings, on right you see what happening in front of the planet.

The planet orbit a red dwarf that is orbiting 2 K class binary stars:
If I remove both of the K class stars the error disapear.
If I remove just one of the K class stars it will not disapear.
If I remove the red dwarf it disapear.

It behaves like the comet's tail... could be a "total shadow" making an unique shadow for all the stars? A shadow sum?