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unwanted triangles appear on some spacecraft models [SOLVED]

Posted: 20.01.2007, 19:23
by astro
Some models show too many triangles :
see image :

This happen with all render path (basic, multitexture + OpenGL vertex program).

System :
Mandriva 2007, linux kernel 2.6.17 SMP
AMD Athlon 64x2
Nvidia GeForce 7600GT + driver 1.0-9631
Xorg 7.1.1 with AIGLX
Celestia 1.4.1 (from autopackage + 3ds models from source tarball see )

Posted: 21.01.2007, 16:51
by Boux
Hi, Astro,
With Mandriva, never ever use their own Nvidia drivers dkms and package.
They never worked properly for me. I am still wondering why they even bother to do that.
Remove anything Mandriva/Nvidia stuff from your system and install the latest installer from Nvidia's website.
Make sure you have the source files for your current kernel installed so that the Nvidia driver can build against your kernel.

Posted: 21.01.2007, 20:55
by astro
You are right. I used the nvidia installer 1.0-9746 and all the bugs have disappeared. And I have now 5 rendering path (Basic, Multitexture, OpenGL Vertex Program, OpenGL Vertex Program/Nvidia Combiners, OpenGL 2.0) instead of just 3 (Basic, Multitexture, OpenGL Vertex Program)

The dkms-nvidia and nvidia RPMS packages from PLF (they are not the official nvidia drivers from Mandriva, they are contributed by the community, you have to pay to get the official mandriva nvidia packages) are the one that are buggy.


Posted: 16.02.2007, 22:43
by astro