SevenSpheres' Generators

Here you find pointers to utilities that help you create addons for Celestia.
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SevenSpheres' Generators

Post #1by SevenSpheres » 19.08.2020, 22:36

Here are some Celestia-related generators I've recently written in Python - see the readme files for more information.

Celestia Star Generator - generates stellar distributions, example:

Planet Texture Generator - generates textures for terrestrial planets, example:
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Post #2by Challenger007 » 30.10.2020, 11:21

Ideas are cool! From the photo, everything looks great, but for some reason I cannot download the files, it gives a download error. There may be some problems with the service.

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Post #3by john71 » 30.10.2020, 12:12

Can it be integrated with Celestia 1.7? It would be cool to have an automatic procedural planet maker inside Celestia!

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