Real Stars in the Pisces Dwarf

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Real Stars in the Pisces Dwarf

Post #1by Gurren Lagann » 31.07.2021, 22:28

"It's finally done!" That is what i said when i finished this addon after all those months... This addon also fits well with the auxiliary Pisces Dwarf nebulae addon.
With only a few lines left, here it is...

I present to you:
Pisces Dwarf - Real Stars
"It's finally done!" - Gurren, 2021
(All images were taken with Celestia-EP installed.)

LCID stars, from afar.

LCID stars, from inside LGS 3.

Sources used:
Sebastian L. Hidalgo and the ACS LCID Project team (2011) - The LCID LGS-3 catalog. (Special thanks to Hidalgo for providing the data of the massive LCID sample size used for LGS 3.)
Boyer et al. 2015 - The SSTDUSTG catalog.
Boyer et al. 2009 - The SSTU catalog.

Star count:
Local Cosmology from Isolated Dwarfs (LCID LGS-3) - 30,327 stars (highest quality dataset, by far)
DUSTiNGS (SSTDUSTG) - 6,278 stars (lower-quality dataset)
SSTU - 689 stars (lower-quality dataset)
Total - 37,294 stars

The download link:
The addon itself
(845.3 KiB) Downloaded 26 times
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Post #2by Trolligi 112477 » 01.08.2021, 07:44

Oh my gosh. That looks like a real life image of a galaxy! Well done!
why do I love wolf-rayet stars so much lol

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Post #3by gironde » 01.08.2021, 13:50

impressive job :clap: :clap: :clap:

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