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Asteroide Apophis

Post #1by John Van Vliet » 10.03.2021, 01:05

This is a SPICE add on for Apophis that made a close approach today , then again in 2029

The 27 Meg zip file - 4k textures

the 2029 close approach



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Post #2by arkana » 10.03.2021, 07:27

Downloaded and tested.

But I saw that Apophis's trajectory was not good for the next arrival near the Earth on Apr 13th 2029.

After its last journey near the Earth, The scientists wrote :
"The closest known approach of Apophis comes on April 13, 2029, when the asteroid comes to within a distance of around 31,600 kilometres from Earth's surface."
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Post #3by Gurren Lagann » 10.03.2021, 17:50

Keep in mind the uncertainities of such a distant-ish future approach.
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