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fyr02's NDP Worldbuilding Project

Posted: 16.02.2021, 02:14
by fyr02
|≡| fyr02's NDP Worldbuilding Project |≡|

Hi, fyr02 here,
the NDP project is a reboot and polishing of my old "NDPC Universe", which you can find here: viewtopic.php?f=23&t=19667

In this project I aim to retouch and polish some of my old NDPC systems, as well as add new systems and develop my systems more.
Keep in mind I don't have much time on my hands as of now, so development will be slow and updates will be infrequent. Instead of being based 400 ly away in Ursa Major like the original NDPC, NDP is based on the other side of the Milky Way in the constellation of Circinus.

I plan to release the base systems individually, while minormoons and other small details I plan to release later as sort of an add-on.
Unlike the original NDPC, no base package is required for these addons, so you can download the systems individually.

In addition keep in mind that some of the released systems may be WIP and may change - the date that a particular system was updated can be found in the downloads.


Updated February 15th, 2021:

Updated February 19th, 2021:

Posted: 16.02.2021, 02:20
by fyr02

Posted: 16.02.2021, 02:20
by fyr02

Posted: 19.02.2021, 23:58
by TheLostProbe