Cham's Sprite Nebulae (old addons recovered)

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Cham's Sprite Nebulae (old addons recovered)

Post #1by SevenSpheres » 04.12.2020, 15:21

Cham once made many nebula models with sprites, but most of them were lost (the ones that are still available are the M31 Nebulae).

Now the Celestia Extended Pack v3.0 (a prototype of Celestia Origin) has been recovered, and it has Cham's sprite nebulae! I've uploaded these nebulae as a stand-alone addon:
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Specifically, this adds fictitious nebulae (and stars) to M31, M33, M81, NGC 300, and NGC 404. Example (this image has the Celestia EP star rendering):


In October, cubicApoc posted some of Cham's other sprite models on Discord, so here's the link to that too:
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