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Posted: 18.04.2021, 17:04
by Art Blos
Added new 4K-texture with relief clouds of the Neptune from 1989 year.
For the first time clouds have been recreated using neural networks.

Voyager 2.png
Neptune 1989 & 2020.png

Posted: 19.04.2021, 15:49
by Art Blos
Added precession of Haumea's rings.
Precession of Haumea.png

Posted: 20.04.2021, 19:56
by Art Blos
Updated orbits of previously "lost" moons of the Jupiter: S/2003 J 2, S/2003 J 4, S/2003 J 12 and S/2003 J 23.
Lost moons.png

Posted: 20.04.2021, 21:00
by trappistplanets

Posted: 20.04.2021, 21:04
by SevenSpheres

Posted: 22.04.2021, 17:58
by Art Blos
Added 356 real stars of the NGC 55.
NGC 55.png

Posted: 22.04.2021, 18:00
by Art Blos
Added 207 real stars of the Bode's Galaxy.
Bode's Galaxy.png

Posted: 22.04.2021, 18:04
by Art Blos
Added the only globular cluster in the Wolf-Lundmark-Melotte galaxy — [BHE2002] WLM 1.
WLM Globular.png

Posted: 25.04.2021, 19:15
by Art Blos
Added fundamentally new addons "Oceans Seas Coasts", "Political Borders" and "Disputed & Leased Areas" in 64K resolution.
South Russia.png
Moscow & Sankt Petersburg.png
South America.png

Posted: 25.04.2021, 19:16
by Art Blos
Resolution of Light pollution map increased to 64K.

Posted: 26.04.2021, 19:16
by Art Blos
Added new 4K-texture of the Uranus from 1986 year.
The clouds have been recreated using neural networks.


Posted: 26.04.2021, 23:11
by trappistplanets
Art Blos wrote:The clouds have been recreated using neural networks.
what is neural networks?

Posted: 27.04.2021, 00:08
by Anthony_B_Russo10
trappistplanets wrote:what is neural networks?
Use Google.

Posted: 27.04.2021, 18:04
by Art Blos
Added some of spacecraft remaining on the Moon after Soviet and American missions.
Luna 13.png
Luna 24.png
Apollo 17 (DS).png

Posted: 27.04.2021, 18:06
by Art Blos
Added Soviet "Lunokhods".

Posted: 27.04.2021, 18:07
by Art Blos
Added Chinese "Yutu".

Posted: 27.04.2021, 18:09
by Art Blos
Added "Philae" lander.

Posted: 27.04.2021, 18:11
by Art Blos
Added "Perseverance".

Posted: 27.04.2021, 18:14
by Art Blos
Added two better quality models: for the "Spirit" with "Opportunity" and for the "Phoenix" with "InSight".