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Post #41by Lepestronik » 30.11.2020, 06:15

Welcome, Internaut!

If I understand correctly,
the unzipped folder
means the "Installers" folder. The one requirement for this folder (for a simplification of an installation) is to be at the same level as the downloaded .7z archive(s), not the Celestia app folder. But you also can specify the archive's address during installation, what's the question in the terminal:
File "Celestia Origin v.12 - Core (30.10.2020).7z" not found.
Please specify the path to it without filename

So, enter the path to archives or place the "Installers" folder and downloaded .7z files at the same folder and try again.

P.S. Note that the installation script from the torrent has a bug at the installing medres and hires data on macOS, so replace the script file in the "Installers" folder with one from attachment:

If you want to install the core only you may use the original file.

Good luck!

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Post #42by Art Blos » 02.12.2020, 17:27

Full-scale preparation for the new release has begun!
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Post #43by TheLostProbe » 16.12.2020, 23:27

the fact that this guy posted this message like 18 days ago and no one has helped is sad
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Post #44by Lepestronik » 17.12.2020, 04:38

TheLostProbe wrote:this guy
Who do you mean?

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Post #45by Anthony_B_Russo10 » 17.12.2020, 04:42

Let's not clutter this topic with off-topic talk.
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