SN 1987A (with sprites)

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SN 1987A (with sprites)

Post #1by Gurren Lagann » 16.10.2020, 00:42

Yesterday (as of the time I made this post), user Duglis asked about an addon including SN 1987A. Now that dream has been made a reality, and with sprites!

SN 1987A and Sanduleak -69 202
The closest recorded supernova since the invention of telescopes
SN 1987A.png
The main nebula

SN 1987A Blob.png
The "blob", which delayed the discovery of the neutron star to December 2019

Sanduleak -69 202.png
Sanduleak -69 202, as a neutron star

Special thanks to:
Duglis - For posting the idea, and motivating me to make this addon
LukeCEL - For the nebula-making tutorial, and helping me (directly or indirectly) with issues of the mesh
pedro_jg - For confirming the correct orientation of the rings
Tziamtzis et al. 2010 - For measuring the orientation of SN 1987A
Cigan et al. 2019 - For finding the neutron star remnant and measuring the "blob" obscuring it

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Post #2by Duglis » 16.10.2020, 05:54

This is terrific. Thank You from all of us!!

Sincerely, Douglas

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Post #3by Trolligi 112477 » 16.10.2020, 22:14

Let's go
Can't wait to see this ingame! Good job Gurren! :clap: :clap: :clap: :smile:
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