GPX-1 and its transiting Brown Dwarf

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GPX-1 and its transiting Brown Dwarf

Post #1by TheLostProbe » 29.09.2020, 09:14

GPX-1b is a recently discovered transiting brown dwarf with a mass of 19.7 ± 1.6 MJup, and a radius of 1.47 ± 0.10 RJup, the first sub-stellar object discovered by the GPX (Galactic Plane eXoplanet) survey! The brown dwarf transits a moderately bright fast-rotating F2-type star with an effective temperature of 7000 ± 200 K, mass 1.68 ± 0.10 MSun, and radius 1.56 ± 0.10 RSun. GPX-1b has an orbital period of 1.744579 ± 0.000008 d and a transit depth of 0.90 ± 0.03%. Read more on the paper: (press Download: > PDF to read a lot more about this planet than just what's on the abstract)

Now, onto the addon!
Capture (424).PNG
Capture (425).PNG
GPX-1b from afar
Capture (426).PNG
GPX-1 system from afar
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