Blue Marble 1972

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Blue Marble 1972

Post #1by cubicApoc » 22.09.2020, 06:48

The Apollo 17 Blue Marble as a cloud map, with the rest of the planet filled in with 2002 Blue Marble clouds. I couldn't find a copy of the original Blue Marble with enough detail to blend into the 2002 map, so instead I stitched together several zoomed-in photos taken just before the Blue Marble. There are still some blurry spots, but unless I can find an even higher-res version of the original, they'll have to stay that way. I threw in a copy of the composite as a bonus, do something cool with it.
blue marble clouds3.png

blue marble clouds4.png
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Post #2by MrSpace43 » 22.09.2020, 15:22

Oh my god this is so beautiful, and it even looks more amazing on FarGetaNik's Earth from Project Echoes:
Blue Marble.png
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Post #3by jujuapapa » 22.09.2020, 16:31

Who was born on 1972 ? :biggrin:
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