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The Centaur Project (TCenP)

Post #1by Gurren Lagann » 20.09.2020, 18:32

Welcome to The Centaur Project!

TCenP's goal is to make unique meshes and textures for every known centaur, whenever there's suficient data. (Colors, dimensions, lightcurves, etc.)

And now, presenting to you:
TCenP Release 1 - Chiron, Chariklo, and Nessus
September 20th, 2020



Special thanks to the following people:
pedro_jg - Color indexes and SSCs for Chiron and Chariklo
The Celestia Origin team (including Askainy) - Color index and SSC for Nessus, centaur ring texture, Chariklo's texture
John Van Viet - Moon VT pieces used for Chiron and Nessus
fyr02 - Teaching me how to make 3D models from heightmaps on Blender
FarGetaNik - The resyntesizer GIMP plugin used to fix seams

Download link (293.4 MB zipped, 666 MB unzipped)
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