Astra's Asteroid Models

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Astra's Asteroid Models

Post #1by fyr02 » 04.08.2020, 20:07

Astra's Asteroid Models

I am not the creator of these models. I only modified them a little bit for Celestia. The original creator is Astra/Snowfall.

Additional thanks to LukeCEL for helping convert the cmod files to binary (this was done to reduce the file size).

Low-Poly Set
Currently not finished.

Medium-Poly Set
Currently not finished.

High-Poly Set
Currently 18 models finished.
Download {cmod, obj}
Note: If these models are to be used for a tidally locked minor moon, then MeridianAngle/RotationOffset must be set to 180 to get the orientation right.

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Post #2by trappistplanets » 06.08.2020, 10:45

NICE JOB! :clap: :clap:

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