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Fictional Neutron Star near the Sun with Surface Features

Posted: 14.05.2020, 07:05
by Joey P.
Here is the code for a .stc file for a fictional neutron star near the Sun (separated from it by a distance of 250 AU). You may recognize this neutron star from my previous addons. This time, I used an old mstar texture by FarGetaNik and edited it to give it a more neutron star-typical blue hue, and named some surface features:

(Updated on 15 May to fix a typo and add another feature.)

Code: Select all

"Daniel Danny Fenton:Danny Phantom:Daniel Fenton:Daniel:Danny:Danny Fenton"
   RA 167.7430367
   Dec 7.77775654
   Distance 0.00395313 # originally 7.7277777
   SpectralType "Q"
   AppMag -2
   Radius 12
   RotationPeriod 0.00000127420998
   Texture "daniel-surfacefeatures.*"

Daniel Surface Features.jpg