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Post #121by Lafuente_Astronomy » 26.05.2021, 11:40

SVision, It's been a long time. How have you been?

I know you have last replied about last year, but if you're still around, I hope you're alright

That being said, if you want to, can you share to us what you're currently working on with regards to your addons? I'm sure they probably look way better than they are now


P.S this might come out as Necromancing, since the last reply was on January this year, but I'm asking him what he's up to, and if he's good, so I hope that's acceptable
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Post #122by Anthony_B_Russo10 » 26.05.2021, 21:27

Lafuente_Astronomy wrote:P.S this might come out as Necromancing,
The last post is from this year, it isn't over a year old so it is fine.
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Post #123by Eric Nelson » 24.06.2021, 18:19

SevenSpheres wrote:Not at all. There is a great deal of evidence against Young Earth Creationism and for an old age of Earth and the Universe, but the multiverse theory, while not (yet) testable, is certainly plausible.

And there's no need to increase the star render limit to 100 Gly to simulate other universes - look at Rootax.
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Post #124by SevenSpheres » 24.06.2021, 18:41

Eric Nelson wrote:Now not to get into anything critical. but 1 thing I did when I installed the Ran addon was increase the distance 1000 fold (due to the render distance limit of stars and planets being like 10 Mly I believe) so therefore the Rootax "stars" (HIP 317170 and HIP 317171) are 5.8 Mly from Sol instead of 5.8 kly and I had to add the radius value so that its at its proper size and I added the rotation period for it to the plausible rate for such stars (30360 Earth hours).
Its stated in the storyline Rootax "is certainly not in our galaxy, and may even exist in a different universe altogether" though the distance limit for nebulae, stars, planets and galaxies from Sol, keeps it within such boundary outside our galaxy.
Our galaxy certainly looks small from that distance which makes more sense than it being in our galaxy (which the story didn't say).

Though Rootax Prime's supposed to be an M9.5 red dwarf when its rendered as a T0V which's a brown dwarf (likely for a proper-colored atmosphere) and in this case, Rootax Prime may be an ultrasized and ultramass brown dwarf (for being 749100 km in maximum radius as opposed to 709100 km radius in the story) which either way is bigger than Sol's 695700-696000 km radius).

The great Runar Thorvaldsen worked hard on this masterpiece and nothing will certainly ever replace it.

Okay, that's...both necroposting (the post you're replying to is over a year old) and off-topic. You've already been warned about this. If you want to discuss Rootax, make a new thread.
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Post #125by Eric Nelson » 26.06.2021, 19:57

I made my new topic the next day:
Sorry for bothering you and the people with the necroposting.

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