Espada System (fictional solar system inspired by "Bleach")

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Espada System (fictional solar system inspired by "Bleach")

Post #1by FarGetaNik » 10.09.2019, 18:03

I've been absent from Celestia for the last half year or so, but I had an idea that got me invested again. In the manga/anime series "Bleach" there is a group called the "Espada", composed of evolved versions of corrupted spiritual beings (no idea how to quickly summarize what they are about, so do some reading for yourself if you want to know, this post is not about the worldbuilding of Bleach but rather worldbuilding of my system). At any rate, I've been since fascinated by the concept of the Espada, so I decided to try and grasp these characters as celestial objects. It's not easy to translate traits of a character into a planet but I tried anyways. If anything, this is a fun exercise on building a solar system.

My system had to conform to realism so there was a lot of work put into the details so it would work out. It's probably not realistic in terms of a system that would naturally form, but the planet types are mostly naturally occurring, and the system should be stable on geologic timescales, with one exception of a planet that must be this way to fit into the lore of the Espada. As a result, there is no planet that is constructed to be habitable as this was not a goal, but one of them ended up falling into the habitable zone anyways. It's not a terrestrial planet but rather a super earth or water world that might be habitable, but I left that open.

I will put more information on each object into the individual files but here a quick overview on how I constructed the system. The Espada are "Hollows", corrupted souls that lack a heart but instead have a boney mask. The Espada themselves are dressed in mostly white attire, so the color white is clearly associated with the Espada as a whole. I chose a white star as the host star for my system. Choosing a main sequence star left me with the spectral class F5V. After some calculations I had the physical properties of my star set.

The planets represent the Espada, the Espada themselves are ranked from 1-10 (it's more complicated but let's leave it at that). To make the system work out I reversed the order of the planets, so the outermost planet is the 1st Espada and the innermost the 10th. I organized the files in a way so you can select the planet representing each Espada with the number of the Espada. There is another planet past these 10, which represents an Espada that lost its rank due to another Espada's wrongdoings, I've put this one on a quasi-stable orbit crossing wide areas of the system, delicately stabilized by orbital resonances.

The system is composed of the outer gas giants that represent the strongest, "Vast-Lorde" type Espada. Past an asteroid belt composed of "Numeros" towards the inner system the medium sized super-earth/ice-giant worlds are found. The inner planets are terrestrials representing Espada rank 7-9. Then comes a belt of dwarf planets representing the former Espada, the "Privaron Espada" and the 10th Espada is represented by a chitonian planet as he is kind of a special case.

Many Espada have "Fracciones", Arrancar under their direct order not high enough in rank to be Espada themselves. They translate well into moons of the planets.

I've come a long way since my last fictional system. Back in the day I made some calculators using spreadsheets for various properties like orbital elements to make a realistic system. Working on these I greatly expanded these to make my life easier, if there is any interest, I can make them available too. I was planning to do so for a long time.

This system in a work in progress - the orbital mechanics and bulk properties (planet types) are worked out, but the system is mostly devoid of texture and 3D models. I will add them once I got the resources to do so.
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Post #2by SpaceFanatic64 » 10.09.2019, 21:43

Nice to see you back! Where were you all this time?
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Post #3by fyr02 » 10.09.2019, 21:50

Nice work, and nice to see you back.

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Post #4by FarGetaNik » 11.09.2019, 08:06

Thanks, just busy with irl issues.

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Post #5by CM1215 » 12.09.2019, 12:09

Good to see you back to the Celestia Forums after all this time, FarGetaNik!
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