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Hypergiant star

Posted: 05.08.2019, 01:37
by Anthony_B_Russo10
This adds a fictional yellow hypergiant star to size compare against the Solar System.
2019-08-04 (11).png
2019-08-04 (8).png
2019-08-04 (7).png
2019-08-04 (9).png

Added after 1 minute 8 seconds:
2019-08-04 (10).png

Posted: 05.08.2019, 04:08
by Lafuente_Astronomy
Now that's huge! But it would not be the largest star yet, because there are a few stars whose highest radii estimates put it at a size beyond Saturn's orbit. Not to mention the hypothetical "Quasi-Stars" that were said to exist back when the Universe was young

Posted: 05.08.2019, 04:21
by Anthony_B_Russo10
I had based its radius after HR 5171 A's radius.

Added after 34 minutes 21 seconds:
Update: Now has Version 4.1 of my Planet 9 around the stars plus a Quasi-star.
2019-08-05 (2).png
2019-08-05 (3).png

Along with the major Edgeworth-Kuiper Belt Bodies.
2019-08-05 (4).png
2019-08-05 (5).png

Posted: 09.08.2019, 21:01
by Joey P.
Thanks :)
I've tried to make a Quasi-star addon with the black hole, but the black hole core wouldn't work.
I've also made a Thorne-Zytkow object named after Vlad Masters.

Posted: 10.08.2019, 00:24
by Anthony_B_Russo10
You could always define the black hole a planet and have its orbit be zero AU away from the star, which would put it a the center of the star.

Posted: 11.08.2019, 22:35
by Joey P.
Yes, they are now all supermassive black holes.

Posted: 18.08.2019, 06:04
by Joey P.
The Quasi-star in your recent update, for some reason, isn't even as luminous as the Sun. Quasi-stars were expected to be as bright as a small galaxy.

Posted: 18.08.2019, 06:59
by Anthony_B_Russo10
Update: now the Quasi-star's spectral classification is now O9.7V.
2019-08-18 (1).png
2019-08-18 (2).png

Posted: 18.08.2019, 22:30
by Joey P.
Why change the temperature to more than 10,000 Kelvin? Quasi-stars would have been only 6,000 Kelvin at most.

Posted: 18.08.2019, 23:39
by Anthony_B_Russo10
The quasi-star is now a G0V star.
2019-08-18 (6).png

Posted: 19.08.2019, 06:35
by Joey P.
Good :)
But what about the luminosity? It's okay if the brightness is at an apparent magnitude of 20.

Posted: 19.08.2019, 22:22
by Anthony_B_Russo10
Please look below for the actual 1.4 update for the Quasi-star.

Posted: 20.08.2019, 01:01
by Anthony_B_Russo10
What do you mean by spam bot?

Added after 47 minutes 53 seconds:
The Quasi-star's luminosity is now high enough to be seen from the Solar System.
2019-08-19 (2).png

Posted: 21.08.2019, 15:13
by pirogronian
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Posted: 22.08.2019, 20:46
by Joey P.
.stc for Thorne-Zytkow object (red hypergiant with neutron star core):

Code: Select all

"Vlad Masters:Thorne-Zytkow object:TZO"
   RA 128.7918875
   Dec -21.27388521167
   Distance 12950
   AppMag 6.92
   SpectralType "M1Ia"
   Radius 1336007800

"Vlad Plasmius:Thorne-Zytkow object core:Neutron Star core"
   RA 128.7918875
   Dec -21.27388521167
   Distance 12950
   AppMag 15
   SpectralType "Q"
   Radius 12.5

Posted: 22.08.2019, 21:54
by Anthony_B_Russo10
Update 1.5 adds Joey P.'s recently posted star.

And its core.

Posted: 22.08.2019, 22:14
by Joey P.
aww, you did it! Thanks :)

Added after 6 minutes 7 seconds:
I can give you all of the Danny Phantom stars if you want :)
Not all of the characters have been converted into stars yet, but if anyone has an addon featuring real pulsars and black holes, then I might convert them into Danny Phantom ghosts.

Posted: 22.08.2019, 22:22
by Joey P.

Posted: 22.08.2019, 22:57
by Anthony_B_Russo10
I had updated it since you posted the code, anyway it helped the addon.

Posted: 22.08.2019, 23:19
by Joey P.
You're welcome.
What should you do next? Add the rest of the Danny Phantom characters converted into stars?