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Addons for Beginners

Posted: 18.06.2019, 15:13
by fyr02
I was thinking about what constitutes a good beginner add-on, seen as I've noticed recently that more and more newcomers are visiting the forum. I decided to make a comprehensive list of beginner add-ons for those who are new here or have come back after a multi-year absence.

Any forum members are free to suggest add-ons to put on this list.

Overall I would recommend visiting the Celestia Motherlode, but some of the add-ons may be outdated.

Ready-to-install Beginner add-ons I recommend:

Neptune Portrait by FarGetaNik: (second from the top)
Mars by jcpag2010:
For Pluto I would recommend either of these:
16k Pluto Virtual Textures ... tures-Celestia-Addon-695290092 (should work nicely, but if your computer is low end you may experience some problems...)
or Pluto System (27th from the top)
Both are by FarGetaNik.
Uranus Project Missing Data by FarGetaNik/Snowfall-the-Cat, which adds hi-res textures for Uranus's five major moons: ... -Data-Celestia-Addon-690191377
Jupiter's Moons by jcpag2010
Proteus by Snowfall-the-Cat

Add-ons of Lower Importance but still Recommended
Haumea's Rings by Anthony Russo: viewtopic.php?f=23&t=18228
Venus White Marble by FarGetaNik:
Nereid by Snowfall-the-Cat: ... tia-and-Blender-Mesh-715822623
Callisto by fyr02 (that's me!) ... proximate-True-Color-800347738

Add-ons that are still highly recommended but usually require knowledge of the Celestia directory format and/or SSC scripting.
TNO Textures by MrSpace43-Celestia ... O-Textures-2k-and-4k-709834079 (sadly, the 4k textures are not available for download)
Haumea by Snowfall-the-Cat ... tist-s-Impression-v3-566021580
Saturn 2013 by Askaniy
Jupiter 2000 by Askaniy

Finally I would like to recommend installing these two large add-ons for Celestia, provided you have enough disk space (Celestia Origin is 8 GB in size! However, if you are like me, and don't plan on needing thousands of asteroids for your Celestia experience, then I wouldn't recommend downloading these.)
Lua Universal Tools, which upgrades Celestia's interface:
and Celestia Origin, and 8GB collection of add-ons along with modifications in Celestia's inner workings.

NOTE: One thing I would recommend is to download Celestia Origin and pick and choose what stuff you want in your Celestia installation without actually installing Celestia Origin.

One more note: The current version of Celestia is 1.6.1, but there is a version 1.7.0 in development that you can try at viewtopic.php?f=4&t=18372.
However this version consists of mostly technical fixes, and since it is in development, installation can be tricky and there may be bugs that may render Celestia unusable, so I would only recommend installing 1.7.0 if you really want to and at least have some experience with Celestia.

To any beginners browsing this post I hope you find this list useful in your Celestia journey.
Feel free to ask any questions!

Posted: 19.06.2019, 02:09
by Joey P.
nice :)
I have an account on DeviantArt, but I use it for other purposes.

Posted: 21.06.2019, 17:23
by SpaceFanatic64
For those who want fictional solar systems around stars.
82 Eridani by Sen:
Beta Hydri by Rob Sanders:
Castra by ParticleGrasp:
Delta Trianguli by Eugene Stauffer:
Edin by kikinho: (warning: large addon)
Iracema by kikinho: (also a large addon)
Kappa Ceti by Rob Sanders:
Proxima Centauri by Michael Kilderry:
Ran III by Runar Thorvaldsen: (WARNING: VERY LARGE ADDON! Download if your computer has a lot of space.)
Tarazed by Mneme:
Wezen by gradius_fanatic:
Zeta Reticuli by Cham: (large addon, only works in versions up to 1.5.1. Anything above will cause Celestia to crash for some reason.)

Posted: 21.06.2019, 20:40
by Joey P.
Hypothetical stars:

Code: Select all

"Dan Phantom:Dark Danny:3C58:Quark Star"
   RA 360.0
   Dec 62.1
   Distance 10000
   SpectralType "Q"
   AppMag 8.17
   Radius 10
        Texture "bstar.*"

"Sirius C:alf CMa C"
   OrbitBarycenter "Sirius"
   SpectralType "M1V"
   AbsMag 13.8998 # guess
   Radius 112392

   EllipticalOrbit {
      SemiMajorAxis 38.85
      Period 27.344
      Eccentricity 0.346
      Inclination 77
      AscendingNode 325 # inclination to plane of sky 84 deg
      ArgOfPericenter 180

   Obliquity 76 # to match orbit
   EquatorAscendingNode 325 # to match orbit

"Daniel Danny Fenton:Daniel Fenton:Thorne-Zytkow object:TZO"
   RA 107.7430367
   Dec -77.7775654
   Distance 772
   SpectralType "M1III"
   AppMag 2.18
   Radius 13924000

"Danny Phantom:Danny Pulsar"
   RA 107.7430367
   Dec -77.7775654
   Distance 772
   SpectralType "Q"
   AppMag 20
   Radius 12
   Texture "bstar.*"

   RA 22.7723
   Dec -62.0913439
   Distance 1580
   SpectralType "G2"
   AppMag 7.2
   Radius 22600000000

"Electroweak Star"
   RA 277.7
   Dec 38.1
   Distance 10294
   SpectralType "Q"
   AppMag 30.17
   Radius 2.5
        Texture "bstar.*"

"Preon Star"
   RA 154.7
   Dec -14.1
   Distance 73836
   SpectralType "Q"
   AppMag 40.17
   Radius 2.5
        Texture "bstar.*"

"Black Dwarf:Black Dwarf (Temperature 0 K)"
   RA 123.7
   Dec -25.1
   Distance 162
   SpectralType "T"
   AppMag 50.17
   Radius 6300
        Texture "venuslikenight.*"

   RA 24.1
   Dec 38.9
   Distance 20774
   SpectralType "X"
   AppMag 100.17
   Radius 300
        Texture "venuslikenight.*"

"Iron Star"
   RA 28.1
   Dec 18.9
   Distance 12774
   SpectralType "X"
   AppMag 10000.17
   Radius 696200
        Texture "asteroid.*"

"Blue Dwarf"
   RA 77.3
   Dec -77.2
   Distance 10
   SpectralType "sdB"
   AppMag 7
   Radius 100000

"Frozen Star:H-type star"
   RA 82
   Dec -91.4
   Distance 5
   SpectralType "T9"
   AppMag 7
   Radius 100000
        Texture "bstar.*"

"Gray Hole"
   RA 73
   Dec -182.3
   Distance 19833
   SpectralType "Q"
   AppMag 77.72
   Radius 10
        Texture "venuslikenight.*"

Posted: 21.06.2019, 22:50
by Gurren Lagann
SpaceFanatic64 wrote:Zeta Reticuli by Cham: (large addon, only works in versions up to 1.5.1. Anything above will cause Celestia to crash for some reason.)

Apparently, on 1.6.1, Cham's Zeta Reticuli works fine without crashing, but it only happens without a GPU...

Posted: 21.06.2019, 23:42
by SpaceFanatic64
For some reason trying to run Zeta Reticuli on my Celestia causes it to crash, and that might just be why.

Posted: 24.06.2019, 15:48
by pirogronian
SpaceFanatic64 wrote:For some reason trying to run Zeta Reticuli on my Celestia causes it to crash

Grey aliens don't want You to watch their home star :wink:

Posted: 24.06.2019, 21:26
by SpaceFanatic64
It works when I use an earlier version of Celestia though.

Posted: 28.06.2019, 20:35
by onetwothree
SpaceFanatic64 wrote:It works when I use an earlier version of Celestia though.

Have you tried 1.7 builds? I've just tested 64bit version and it haven't crashed.

Posted: 04.07.2019, 17:36
by jujuapapa

I saw lot of systems : HERE