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Posted: 27.07.2019, 02:12
by fyr02
Views of Fyralivon and Yuuzoth moons.



Added Varduqak.

Varduqak/Kostranus V, d=3239 km, low albedo. Color was orignally purple but was changed to reddish-brown.


Texture slightly modified for Thaddiuq.


Posted: 02.08.2019, 03:07
by fyr02
Added Rivivania.

Rivivania/Kostranus VI, d = 3,837 km, pink limestone/plagioclase surface


Posted: 13.08.2019, 22:26
by fyr02
Added Racodyne.

The Last Object in the system is finally complete!
Racodyne/Kessea VII, d = 4,008 km/


Posted: 14.08.2019, 03:58
by SpaceFanatic64
So, when is the addon going to be posted since it's completed now?

Posted: 14.08.2019, 04:26
by fyr02
I honestly don't know. It's gonna take a while to compile everything, make a card, and other stuff. It should be soon though.

Posted: 15.08.2019, 03:21
by fyr02
Kessea Add-on is Finished!

It actually only took one day, because here it is:
(link because the zip is 394 MB)

Added after 22 seconds:
First post updated as well

Added after 4 minutes 10 seconds:
I will continue updating this post as I develop the Koradeon System, which is only 2.3 ly away from Kessea.

Posted: 15.08.2019, 23:40
by fyr02
Added Asodreus orbiting around Koradeon.

Asodreus is a gas giant 87 times more massive than Earth. It sits in Koradeon's Habitable Zone, but as a gas giant it is inhospitable. However, one of its moons, Koleo, has the conditions just right to support life.


Posted: 03.09.2019, 03:27
by fyr02
Added Kerreda/Dimitra.

Kerreda/Dimitra/Asodreus I, 2,104 km in diameter, your standard boring moon.


Added Jesbula.

Jesbula/Asodreus IV, 3,901 km in diameter, an icy moon, similar to Iapetus kinda.


Added Xalea.

Xalea/Asodreus V, diameter of 3,304 km, has a Mars-like surface with a thick nitrogen/methane atmosphere.


Posted: 03.09.2019, 23:53
by Joey P.
Nice so far :)

Posted: 06.09.2019, 03:31
by fyr02
Added Rusveon.

Added Rusveon/Koradeon b, a small rocky planet (0.8 earth masses, 8,047 kilometers, has a ring from when a small moon broke up due to tidal deceleration.


Added Koleo.

Added Koleo/Asodreus III, habitable moon of Asodreus and one that has life on it. It was based off of a map that I drew a long time ago. Interestingly, Koleo has two major continents on each side of it, meaning that if you lived on the far side continent you would never know that you were living on a moon.