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Post #41by gironde » 19.07.2019, 07:30

It must exist somewhere where it has existed. I have the entry in the file celestia.cfg:
HDCrossIndex "catalogs/dat/hdxindex.dat"
SAOCrossIndex "catalogs/dat/saoxindex.dat"
GlieseCrossIndex "catalogs/dat/gliesexindex.dat"
(catalogs/ or data/ or …)
I only noticed yesterday that I was cleaning up my files.
Maybe it comes from the Celestia EPV3 version of the Russian site!


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Post #42by nickroffical » 03.08.2019, 23:47

hmm sound good!
Hmm, what exactly?

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Post #43by fyr02 » 12.08.2019, 23:13


Thestias/Pollux b
(2.34 MiB) Downloaded 277 times
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