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Project "Celestia Origin", release dated April 30, 2019

Posted: 30.04.2019, 17:19
by Art Blos

Dear members of the Celestia community!

We’d like to introduce our Celestia Origin project whose goal is to upgrade Celestia 1.6.1 with the most current information about celestial bodies without modifying the source code. This project is the largest one of its kind in the Russian Internet.

Our team is constantly monitoring space-related news and publications to collect the latest information about known space objects as well as scientific theories. As the result, we have created a unique assembly of Celestia add-ons. Most of the work has been done by the team members, while the rest was acquired from other parties. Each celestial body in our assembly has been updated with all available information, including physical and orbital parameters, alternative naming and topographic locations where available.

Project’s home page is located at

Project Members:
  • Artyom Goncharov aka Art Blos - founder and head of the project, main developer of the collection, group administrator;
  • Artyom Volgin aka Zemlyanin - creator of tools for automatic data collection and creator of several unique add-ons, consultant for various scientific issues, help in complex calculations;
  • Askaniy Anpilogov aka Askaniy - creator of textures, models and locations, document translator, main helper with ideas;
  • Greg Frieger - creator of the largest database of minor body shapes (, helper utilities and scripts;
  • Anton Sobolev aka Vision - project promotion and support.

The latest version (published on April 30th 2019) includes:
  • 9 planets (including a hypothetical one);
  • 200 planetary moons (with 4 hypothetical ones);
  • 5 dwarf planets;
  • 9 moons of dwarf planets;
  • 4008 asteroids + 22 binary and 1 trinary;
  • 64 moons of asteroids;
  • 1124 comets;
  • >2448220 stars of the Milky Way;
  • 39894 stars outside the Milky Way;
  • 3839 exoplanets + 1 exomoon, 4 rogue planets and 1 hypothetical;
  • 10943 galaxies;
  • 373 globular clusters;
  • 1073 open clusters;
  • 33 nebulae;
  • 92 spacecrafts.

Installation instructions
1. Use the attached torrent file
Celestia Origin v.8 (30.04.2019).torrent
(19.16 KiB) Downloaded 336 times
or the direct link to download the add-on;
2. Download and install Celestia 1.6.1 from ;
3. Unpack and launch “Install.bat” script under administrator’s account (using context menu) and wait for it to complete. Note: the script deletes some of the files from the vanilla Celestia installation, so consider making a backup copy of Celestia installation folder if needed;
4. Unpack and overwrite the content of add-on’s Celestia folder into Celestia installation folder;
5. We’d recommend to run a disk defragmentation before starting the updated Celestia for the first time.

Pleasant flight!

Posted: 30.04.2019, 21:53
by Lafuente_Astronomy

Posted: 01.05.2019, 19:36
by fyr02
Wow this is amazing!

Added after 5 hours 16 minutes:
Oops, I found this release's first bug....
It seems like the texture and normal map on the moon are not properly aligned... this only happens on some places though.

Posted: 02.05.2019, 03:33
by LBV 2012-26
Thanks for Art Blos's work. The Celestia Origin it's a great project. :clap:

Posted: 02.05.2019, 06:25
by Art Blos
fyr02 wrote:Oops, I found this release's first bug....
It seems like the texture and normal map on the moon are not properly aligned... this only happens on some places though.
It seemed to you. The lunar texture has not changed for several years and during this period no inconsistencies were found.

Posted: 02.05.2019, 10:03
by gironde
It's a good idea to have incorporated LUT into Celestia Origin. I noticed that you did not put the Croc guides, which are shortcuts to celestial objects. It's your decision and she's respectable.
I worked with Croc on LUT 5 and I have a modified VIDIBA module.
It uses asteroid groups (NEA, AB inner, AB main, AB outer, TNA, Trojan, Systems, Comets). Each group table contains the asteroid tables that make up the group. The entire group can be selected which validates all the tables that make up the group, or each asteroid table can be chosen individually.
Each table, group or asteroid has new parameters:

Code: Select all

InnerAsteroidsBelt =
group = true, - group (true) or asteroids base (false)
checkBorder = {1, 0.4, 0, 0.8}, - color check boxes
labelcolor = cbutextoff, - color of text
markcolor = "# 808000", - hex value of labelcolor
markstyle = "square", - style of marker
marksize = "3", - 3 for square 1 for circle
listBegin = 24, - position in config.lua
listEnd = 28, - position in config.lua
baseOffset = 2, - position of this group-bases
number = 5, - number of inclued bases of asteroids
counter = true, - count the number of objects for asteroids bases

objects =
"InnerBeltOther", - line 1 in Vidiba

Code: Select all

FloraFamily = -- inner AB/Flora
groupe = false,
checkBorder = {1, 0.4, 0, 0.8}, -- color of group
labelcolor = {0.5, 0.5, 0, 1}, -- "#808000"
markcolor = "#808000", -- hex value of labelcolor
markstyle = "square", --
marksize = "3", -- 3 for square, 1 for circle
number = 178,
counter = true,

   objects =
   "Sol/1016 Anitra", -- inner AB/Flora
   "Sol/1026 Ingrid", -- inner AB/Flora
   "Sol/1037 Davidweilla", -- inner AB/Flora
   "Sol/1052 Belgica", -- inner AB/Flora
   "Sol/1055 Tynka", -- inner AB/Flora
   "Sol/1056 Azalea", -- inner AB/Flora

This variant uses Guillermo Abramson's idea of ​​mark to differentiate objects

Vidiba 2.jpg

suite Vidiba 2.jpg

The table structure is modified and the vidibabox.lua program is also modified.
I extracted asteroid lists from the JPL to complete your asteroids.ssc file used by Croc for LUT5; to not touch the asteroids.ssc file, I created all my complementary files in the style: "More asteroids Amor no pha from JPL 04-02-2018 N = 6566.ssc"


Posted: 02.05.2019, 10:43
by Art Blos
gironde < Looks interesting. :smile:
While I want a break from the development (it really took away a lot of my strength). Later we can discuss bugs that are in LUT and which I will not be able to fix by myself.

Posted: 02.05.2019, 11:25
by gironde
Ok, I can help.
I myself have a bug on this version of vidiba with respect to the scroll of the box. This bug seems to be on my pc because Croc did not have it. To avoid it and to continue to use celestia with LUT, I launch celestia by means of the lua debug program "Decoda" and there curiously everything is done correctly.


Posted: 02.05.2019, 14:50
by fyr02
I suspected that not having LUA/LUT might be the cause of many bugs I have. Looks like I was right. Still, I really appreciate the hard work you guys put in!

Posted: 02.05.2019, 15:30
by gironde

I suspected that not having LUA/LUT might be the cause of many bugs I have. Looks like I was right.

I think I did not understand. :eek:

LUT does not prevent bugs in addons. The bugs in a Celestia installation usually come from addons or hardware incompatibility.
The bugs in LUT5 were eliminated before it was published by Croc. I can assure you that it was quite difficult between a Russian who does not speak French and a Frenchman who does not speak Russian (thanks to the translators). The Vidiba 2 version was not published by Croc, but he followed my work.
I think the bug I have, is a hardware problem that is solved by the use of Decoda but I do not know why. Fang did not have this bug with his pc. In my case everything works fine except the vidibabox scrollbar which does not appear if I do not use Decoda. If the Decoda debugger detects a syntax error in the Lua code, it stops and reports the error. Any other logic errors in the program are ignored and the program continues with the error until all Celestia flanks. It is the peculiarity of the language Lua which does not control and it is what makes its speed.
All the bugs we had when designing LUT5 have been resolved but this one resists and Decoda does not report anything. :nervious:


Posted: 04.05.2019, 17:47
by fyr02
No, I wasn't referring to the moon texture, I was referring to the fact that LUT is required for the visibility of some addons.

Posted: 05.05.2019, 06:32
by gironde
In fact, LUT5 creates links to objects accessible by a single click. As the software is open, all links can be modified by editing scripts in a text editor. The strength of this interface is that it allows you to combine several commands needed Celestia in a simple click (object, tracking, time, color, ...). The most important thing is to have an idea. No addon proper (space object) needs LUT to be visible. Only LUT makes things easier.


Posted: 07.05.2019, 00:57
by fyr02
Hmm.... I don't have much experience with LUT. But I am not able to see some things, such as the new Bennu map.

Posted: 07.05.2019, 05:08
by Art Blos
fyr02 wrote:Hmm.... I don't have much experience with LUT. But I am not able to see some things, such as the new Bennu map.
Button "ViDiBa", check mark "All asteroids". Then fly to Bennu.

Posted: 07.05.2019, 06:04
by Askaniy
fyr02, the relief map of Bennu isn't included in the release.
You can download it here:

Posted: 07.05.2019, 06:23
by gironde
Asteroids invisible with LUT

To limit the number of objects on the screen, asteroids are 'Visible false' in their .ssc file; that is, if you go to Bennu in the traditional way of Celestia, Bennu will be well selected but invisible.
To make it visible, there are 2 ways with LUT.
- use VIDIBA: each check, makes visible the category of asteroids which corresponds to him.
- use the 'View Obj' menu button that makes the selected object visible if it was invisible, or invisible if it was visible ('View Obj' becomes 'Hide Obj').

Sans titre 1.jpg

Sans titre 2.jpg

Note that my Vidiba is a different version but works on the same principle.


Posted: 08.05.2019, 19:13
by fyr02
oh. thanks.

Posted: 01.06.2019, 08:28
by Art Blos
Full-scale preparation for the new release has begun!

Posted: 01.06.2019, 09:53
by Lafuente_Astronomy
Art Blos wrote:Full-scale preparation for the new release has begun!

Alright, I can't wait for the new addons for Version 9!

Posted: 01.06.2019, 10:42
by Art Blos
I remind that you can not only wait for something, but also advise what you would like to see in the new version. I speak just in case, exoplanetary base is planned.