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Solar System Objects for Celestia

Posted: 18.11.2018, 15:55
by gironde
new topic for your addons on Planets of Solar System for Celestia

My Addons

Posted: 29.04.2019, 02:39
by fyr02
Since a lot of people are doing catalogs of their addons on this forum, I decided I would do one too. All of my addons are on my DeviantArt profile, which can be accessed here:
A lot of my addons are not really addons, they are more like downloadable textures. Some of these might not be projected properly, and there are other things I need to fix. Credits in the deviation description.
Here they are:
Proxima Centauri b:
55 Cancri:
2014 MU69-LOK: ... ireon-True-Color-LOK-782192811

Posted: 29.04.2019, 11:03
by Lafuente_Astronomy
Those look good. Keep up the good work!

Posted: 29.04.2019, 11:49
by CM1215

I've heard of a program called "Substance Painter" which allows you to "paint" a mesh. I've seen what it looks like (although never used it myself), and it looks like what you might need to make a Helene texture (as well as fix the pole problems on previous textures). Also, the mesh of Epimetheus used for your texture may have been updated since then, unless you used the new 2018 model of Epimetheus already.

Although the program is expensive, it does allow a 30 day free trial.

It can be found here.

Posted: 29.04.2019, 16:30
by fyr02
Thanks for telling me! I'm quite a n00b at meshes and modelling, so I don't use Blender or other programs.

Posted: 29.04.2019, 16:39
by CM1215
One more thing: I don't suppose you could made a Janus map based on Cassini and Voyager imaging, could you?

Posted: 29.04.2019, 23:27
by fyr02
I could, but I really don't have time right now, I'll have to see...

Posted: 08.05.2019, 18:09
by fyr02
Ok. Starting work on Janus addon.

Added after 8 hours 29 minutes:
possible Janus Crater map.

Posted: 09.05.2019, 04:01
by Sirius_Alpha
These are really awesome. Are the models for the small bodies available for download?

Posted: 09.05.2019, 05:24
by fyr02
I am confused by your request. Do you mean the models I use? I can't remember which one I use, the default one or the Celestia Origin one.
As for the crater map above those are real images, not models.

Meanwhile.... some previews. Cassini coverage of Janus is surprisingly incomplete...

Posted: 09.05.2019, 11:14
by CM1215
It's looking pretty nice! Thanks so much for fulfilling my request!

Posted: 10.05.2019, 00:07
by fyr02
Almost there..... just need to compile files. I am making a Voyager-Colors version for anyone that liked the red tint of Voyager cameras....

Posted: 11.05.2019, 02:37
by fyr02
Janus add-on is complete!
Here you go, CM1215, your request has been fulfilled!
Two versions, one true-color and one Voyager-color.

Posted: 11.05.2019, 07:07
by SpaceFanatic64
Can you do Epimetheus next?

Posted: 11.05.2019, 13:06
by Sirius_Alpha

Posted: 11.05.2019, 13:44
by CM1215
fyr02 wrote:Janus add-on is complete!
Here you go, CM1215, your request has been fulfilled!
Two versions, one true-color and one Voyager-color.


Added after 1 hour 12 minutes:
What about a map of Pandora?

Posted: 11.05.2019, 20:15
by fyr02
I actually already made a map of Pandora, just the co-ordinates are off and I couldn't find a way to reproject it correctly. I noticed this because I used Celestia Origin's Pandora model, which is much more detailed that the default.

Added after 3 hours 13 minutes:
I am doing Hippocamp next, but I have a few problems with meshing....
I made a quick model in Blender but I can't seem to get the texture to show....

The entire MPC database, now in Celestia (~793700 asteroids)

Posted: 12.05.2019, 19:22
by Gurren Lagann
Yes you heard it right, this addon actually has all of the ~793700 asteroids from March 31st, 2019's MPCORB.DAT file.

The resulting .ssc file is over 360 MB big (zipped: 42.6 MiB), so it might take a while to download it all.

WARNING: The .ssc file, as a whole, might (or will) bring Celestia (or even your PC) to a complete halt (unless you have asteroid orbits turned off), because of the number of asteroids added by it. Proceed with caution.

(42.61 MiB) Downloaded 271 times

Posted: 12.05.2019, 21:44
by toutatis
Cool !!! :smile: :smile: :smile:

Posted: 12.05.2019, 23:54
by Lafuente_Astronomy
Perhaps you can contribute your addon to the Celestia Origin team for inclusion in their next release