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Nebula for Celestia

Post #1by gironde » 18.11.2018, 15:52

new topic for your addons on nebula

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Post #2by Gurren Lagann » 18.11.2018, 21:59

Does it have to be real?
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Post #3by Croc » 18.11.2018, 22:31

This galaxy was discovered in 1950 by Arthur Hog. Initially, he considered it a planetary nebula. Subsequently, Hog decided that the object is a galaxy ...

There is a great idea in the phrase highlighted in red. If Arthur Hogh could not deal with this object - is it a nebula or a galaxy?
Why not portray the nebula similar to sprite galaxies?

This is a photo of the galaxy:


This is a matrix made on the basis of photos of the galaxy (left):
Sprite image of a galaxy in Celestia (right):


Note. Hoag's object.png matrix taken from Project "Celestia Origin", release dated August 30, 2018

We must ask the developers to correct the algorithm for the formation of nebulae by analogy with the galaxies.

Matrix 120x120, ~ 20 KB

For more on sprite images of galaxies and nebulae, see .viewtopic.php?p=141049#p141049
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Post #4by LukeCEL » 19.01.2019, 01:47


It might be possible to somewhat improve the appearances of galaxies with sprite models. They've been a feature since 1.5.0 but not many people seem to use them.

For example, I took Hoag's object and added a sprite model at its location. It's not perfect, but I tried to make it look like the bright blue stars in the Hubble photo:

Here's the add-on available for download. Feedback is welcome. I would like to give thanks to Cham, whose sprite texture I borrowed. He was the inspiration for this, and has made some excellent models using sprites. (Just enter "sprite" in the search bar and be amazed.)
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