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Using NASA Locator

Posted: 27.09.2018, 11:01
by gironde
Nasa Locator is more complet that HORIZONS

method for use LOCATOR

1) switch to "advanced" mode
Locator 1.jpg

2) choose your spacecraft and time range
Locator 2.jpg

Locator 3.jpg

Save as default

3) choose options
Locator 4.jpg

4) choose GEI/J2000
Locator 5.jpg

to be continued ...

Posted: 27.09.2018, 11:24
by gironde
5) choose units
Locator 6.jpg

Locator 7.jpg

save as default

6) validate to edit the results
Locator 8.jpg

Locator 9.jpg


how to recover the data:
copy line 1 at the end and paste into a .txt file (preferably notepad ++)
save the .txt file
open an Excel file
In Excel, open the .txt file as a .csv file with delimiter: space
You will get your data with the columns: year, day, hour, x, y, z

After it is necessary to reconstitute Julian date, then to constitute a file xyz

I made an Excel table that prepares all that.

Attention: Excel is limited in the number of rows (65536)