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Posted: 29.12.2018, 21:27
by LukeCEL
Art Blos wrote:Added new 30K-polygonal models of Prometheus, Pandora, Epimetheus, Janus, Telesto, Calypso and Helene.

Awesome! :clap:


Posted: 29.12.2018, 21:39
by Askaniy

Posted: 29.12.2018, 22:38
by SpaceFanatic64
Oh boy! I'm super excited for tomorrow! Also, what time will you make the post?

Posted: 29.12.2018, 22:47
by Askaniy
SpaceFanatic64 wrote:Also, what time will you make the post?
Probably around 20:00 UTC.

Posted: 30.12.2018, 00:05
by Art Blos
Added our first complete exoplanetary base! Includes 2869 stars and 3840 confirmed planets.
Proxima b.png
Aldebaran b.png
Gliese 163 d.png
61 Vir b.png
Kaptein c.png

Added after 2 minutes 49 seconds:
Added the only known exomoon Kepler-1625b-I.

Posted: 30.12.2018, 00:57
by LukeCEL
Art Blos, how did you decide which exoplanets get which textures? (Size, temperature, etc?)

Posted: 30.12.2018, 01:09
by Gurren Lagann
Wooooah! That's incredible!

Posted: 30.12.2018, 05:25
by SpaceFanatic64
Awesome! That means that by noon where I live, it will be available!

Posted: 30.12.2018, 07:49
by Art Blos
LukeCEL wrote:how did you decide which exoplanets get which textures? (Size, temperature, etc?)
In the source database there was a classification. However, we have fewer textures than there are types of exoplanets. In the future we add more.

Posted: 30.12.2018, 13:29
by Gurren Lagann
realizes that i have like 950 quintillion unused textures

Posted: 30.12.2018, 20:27
by SpaceFanatic64
Great news! It's almost time for the new release! (Also congratulations to me for reaching 200 posts! But I guess that means I spend too much time on the forums :biggrin: )

Added after 12 minutes 33 seconds:
Also, I tried to get it from Janus' website, but I noticed a few things that didn't seem right. For one, the archive was only 132 MB, when it should be like 3 GB. Also, when 7zip tried to open it, it said that the file is damaged or corrupted and couldn't open it.

Posted: 30.12.2018, 22:22
by Janus

It could be that I am not done uploading yet.
I was planning on letting ArtBlos know when I was done and it could be linked.

Currently, the 7z archive is up, and a zip version is on its way.
I always get requests for a zip version, so I am doing it ahead of time this time.
You will also notice some par2 files to repair downloads for those like me with data caps or iffy connections.

Be sure to check the dates in the filename so you get the right version and year.
I will edit this after the upload has been finished and verified.


Posted: 30.12.2018, 23:14
by BorderShed
The torrent was earlier showing 3 peers (two in Russia and one in Spain) with 100% files, download was proceeding apace :) but sadly some have fallen by the wayside and there is now only one in Russia so I hope (s)he does not go to bed lol! :)

The forum is showing 50 'guests' (earlier 65), if all of them had torrent clients it would be good :)

Exciting times,,, and in just a couple of days New Horizons will be (fingers xxed) showing us a real texture for Ultima Thule :clap:

Added after 21 minutes 6 seconds:
:cry: :cry:

Argh ! 4 peers in Russia, 1 in Uk and 1 in Spain all timed out, 1 in Russia connected but 0 B/s

grrr :)

I may have to tax @Janus' server a bit :biggrin:

Posted: 30.12.2018, 23:39
by Janus
The current Celestia Origin files are up on my site.
Now they are safe to download.


Don't worry about taxing my server, it will live.


Posted: 30.12.2018, 23:50
by BorderShed
Janus wrote:Don't worry about taxing my server, it will live.
Thank you kind Sir :) but will my rural BritishTelecom survive, that is the question :)

I like the theory of torrent (50% complete no peers!) but sadly it lacks real-life presence so ,,,,
,,, @Janus here we go :) , , ,

Posted: 31.12.2018, 00:02
by SpaceFanatic64
For me, I never use torrent because with my past experience, it's just too slow for me. I've even heard a story of someone who left a torrent running for 3 years and forgot about it until it was completed!

Posted: 31.12.2018, 00:10
by Anthony_B_Russo10

I had the same problems with torrents when I first this addon. When I was unpacking it, the program said that it was going to 10 hours it's just easy to use the .7zp or .zip file.

Posted: 31.12.2018, 00:19
by BorderShed
left a torrent running for 3 years and forgot about it
Yes, I have a few of those in suspenders !

This is the problem, he left it running - - but no one else did !

Well actually there are at least two problems, (1) it has a bad reputation for being the tool of neer'do'wells circumventing copyright and (2) we are not long out of the era when being online 24/7 was costing a lot of $
Now we can (mostly) be online 24/7 but the habit still is to switch off when we are not in attendance ? ?

ah ha, 21% from @Janus < you have a good pipe :)

Added after 10 minutes 18 seconds:
Ha, 4 peers in Russia 'Timed out', 1 in Russia 'Remote disconnected' and 1 in the Realm of Her Britannic Majesty also timed out ! :( sum total atm 7B/s !!

I think @Janus is going to win (29% and counting ) :biggrin:

Posted: 31.12.2018, 00:30
by Janus


I do not know what you mean.
I am not torrenting.


Posted: 31.12.2018, 00:34
by BorderShed
I do not know what you mean.
I am not torrenting.

Sorry, misunderstanding, my fault I was not clear, I am now running two 'streams' one via torrent (from various peers) and the other from you.