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Posted: 14.02.2021, 15:29
by gironde
he almost traveled with Hope, left almost at the same time and arrived a few days apart, it is Tianwen-1 launched by China on 23-07-2020 and put into orbit around Mars on 10-02 -2021

model 3D generic : Venus-Express

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SpaceX Starship :clap:
it's cargo' version (height 18m diam 9m)

correction in ssc :
Radius 0.009 # height 18m x diam 9m the model must have a Radius 18m/2
#Ending " "

Starship complet : 122m
Starship first stage : 22m
Starship second stage : 50m
Starship cargo version : 18m
Starship crew version
Starchip tanker version
Starship lunar version

Posted: 15.02.2021, 03:34
by DaveBowman2001
The entire satellite fleet owned by Anik and INSAT in geostationary orbit.

This is Part One of the 2021 update for Thomas Guilpain's Geostationary Earth Satellites addon (both 2002 and 2012 versions), where I added beginning and end dates for the satellites included in those addons, as well as newer satellites that were launched after the 2012 version has released. All credit goes to him

All satellites are rendered as "satellite.3ds", except INSAT-3B/C/E (rendered as "insat-3e.cmod")

Also included an SSC update for toutatis' INSAT-3E addon, now derelict since 2014

Posted: 18.02.2021, 00:26
by DaveBowman2001
The entire satellite fleet of Inmarsat and Turksat

This is Part Two of the 2021 update for Thomas Guilpain's Geostationary Earth Satellites addon (both 2002 and 2012 versions). All credit goes to him

The Marisat and MARECS satellites comprise the first-generation constellation of Inmarsat. All satellites are rendered as "satellite.3ds" (NOTE: Turksat 5A isn't included since it hasn't reached GEO yet since its launch from a Falcon 9 in January 8, 2021)

Posted: 22.02.2021, 00:50
by SevenSpheres
Perseverance rover. Made this today in a few hours. Model is from here. I'm not entirely sure the texturing is 100% correct, but as far as I can tell it looks the same as the original model. No detailed Mars surface textures included, at least not yet. Download:




Posted: 22.02.2021, 13:43
by gironde
SevenSpheres, :clap: :clap: :clap:

You should use
SurfaceObject "Perseverance: Mars 2020 rover" "Sol / Mars"
instead of
SurfaceObject "Perseverance: March 2020" "Sol / Mars"
(March 2020 is to be reserved for the cruiser from Earth to Mars)

To represent March 2020, I used mer_cruise 3D of addon "Mars Exploration Rovers" (creator Jack Higgins Packaged by Frank Gregorio)

Mars2020 cruiser.7z
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ROSCOSMOS Progress Cargo Spacecraft

Posted: 23.02.2021, 01:44
by Endeavor35
Releasing this instead of the Cygnus or Cargo Dragon for the time being. Hopefully I can get those two to work properly in the near future.

Note: Be on the lookout for an updated version of this spacecraft as I very likely will be changing the albedo, (or whatever it is called), so that it is not so ridiculously bright even on the dark side of Earth.

Posted: 23.02.2021, 02:39
by DaveBowman2001
The entire satellite fleet of Syncom-IV/Leasat, NATO, and SBS

This is Part Three of the 2021 update for Thomas Guilpain's Geostationary Earth Satellites addon (both 2002 and 2012 versions). All credit goes to him

All of the satellites here are derelict since 2016. Most of them are rendered as "satgeneric.3ds" except for the NATO-3/4 satellites ("satellite.3ds")

Posted: 24.02.2021, 09:08
by gironde
for Progress :clap: :clap: :clap:

Isn't there an error in 'Observer' of Axis "y". "Sol / Earth / ROSCOSMOS" is not defined
Which Progress version are you presenting: Progress, Progress-M, Progress-M1, Progress-M xxM, or Progress-MS
The length is from 7.2m to 7.48m depending on the version so the Radius is half (0.0036 to 0.00374)
From the Epoch date of the orbital data, it would appear to be Progress-M 04M with Radius 0.00360 (in km)

:think: :think:

Posted: 26.02.2021, 10:42
by roninwolf1981
I remember playing around with .ssc files a few years back, and I was able to put in orbit around Pandora a Romulan D'deridex Warbird.

I used a myriad of Star Trek addons (one of them had the warbird model and texture files) as well as the Avatar addon that I downloaded from the Celestia Motherlode back in 2014.

Posted: 26.02.2021, 16:58
by gironde
SpaceX continues to launch. Here is
19th launch 04-02-2021 (60 starlink)
20th launch on 04-16-2021 (60 starlink)

Sans titre 2.jpg

Starlink launch 19 and launch 20.7z
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Progress, Starship & Gironde

Posted: 26.02.2021, 17:16
by Endeavor35
UPDATE REGARDING PROGRESS: I don’t think my progress addon needs to be updated after all from a lighting perspective. Turns out that simply activating eclipse shadows eliminated 99.9% of this overbrightness issue. So unless this is really becoming a problem for other users, I think I’m going to leave the addon alone for now.

NOTE REGARDING STARSHIP: I have recently discovered that this addon fails to load the .cmod file on iOS devices. I cannot say if this is also happening on Android devices as I do not have an Android device on hand currently. As of this time, I haven’t been able to determine the cause of this problem. If at some point in the future however, I am able to find a fix for this, I will repost this addon in this thread with a note regarding the updates that were made to starship.


I wouldn’t look too much into the orbital information that my addons use currently. All of their orbits are purely fictional, though your insight into this aspect of addon development is still very much appreciated. :smile:

As for any such errors with certain axis’s not being defined, I’m not sure what’s going on as I have yet to encounter such problems with Progress. I’ll keep that in mind though going forward as I create future addons for Celestia. I will say that aside from Anim8tors random CTD’s, orienting my addons to the correct position has been an absolute chore in its own special way.

Regarding the specifics of this Progress spacecraft, I couldn’t really tell you as Google Arts & Culture doesn’t appear to provide any detail regarding what specific spacecraft are docked to their ISS 3D model. If you or anyone has information on the actual spacecraft in this model, I would be happy to take a look at it. For the moment however, I would simply treat it as a generic Progress vehicle.

Posted: 26.02.2021, 18:42
by gironde
Most Progress cargo ships have passed through the celestrak archives. I used your model for Progress M 4M. I had another Progress which I kept for Progress MS08 Progress MS14 Progress MS15 Progress MS16. All these have a Radius of 3m60.

The different versions of Progress may not look very different, so we can use your model for all of them.


Posted: 27.02.2021, 04:32
by DaveBowman2001
The entire satellite fleet of Satcom and Westar

This is Part Four of the 2021 update for Thomas Guilpain's Geostationary Earth Satellites addon (both 2002 and 2012 versions). All credit goes to him

All of the satellites here are derelict since 2010. Westars are rendered as "satgeneric.3ds" while Satcoms are rendered as "satellite.3ds"

Posted: 01.03.2021, 10:13
by gironde
Ships cargo Progress (Roscosmos):
Progress (42)
Progress-M (66)
Progress-M1 (11)
Progress-M M (28)
Progress-MS (15)

These ships served as supply vessels for the ISS.

Each series is the subject of an .ssc file
The Progress series uses a "progress.cmod" model (the source is certainly the old Russian Celestia site)
and the others a "progress-M.cmod" model by Endeavor35 (23-02-2021).

I got the histories of the 2 TLE lines from CelesTrack ( )

Progress 7K-TG.jpg
Progress 7K-TG.jpg (20.54 KiB) Viewed 1240 times
Progress-M.jpg (16.69 KiB) Viewed 1240 times
Progress-M1.jpg (16.03 KiB) Viewed 1240 times

Progress orbit.jpg

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Spacecrafts for Celestia

Posted: 02.03.2021, 21:11
by gironde
After the Progress series, cargo ships, ISS supply ships, here are other supply ships:
HTV (Japan)
Cygnus (USA)
SpaceX Dragon (SpaceX)
Crew Dragon (SpaceX)





Crew Dragon.jpg

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Added after 2 minutes 1 second:
Note that SpaceX Dragon and Crew Dragon use the same model because I couldn't find the exact model of the Crew Dragon

Posted: 03.03.2021, 07:35
by arkana
Two years ago, I made the ship ATV named Jules Verne which was near ISS.


Posted: 04.03.2021, 06:15
by gironde
arkana wrote
Two years ago, I made the ship ATV named Jules Verne which was near ISS.

You should publish this addon here :smile:

Posted: 06.03.2021, 06:49
by arkana
gironde wrote:You should publish this addon here :smile:
Why not ?
But I think that it's the same model. :eh:

Posted: 06.03.2021, 17:18
by gironde
I have listed the 39 missions of the Discovery shuttle. There are 2 models for the open hold shuttle, arm extended or not. Mission end dates are disconnected to allow visualization of orbits for years to come.


Shuttle Discovery (NASA).7z
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Posted: 09.03.2021, 04:01
by DaveBowman2001
The entire satellite fleet of Gals and Gorizont

This is Part Five of the 2021 update for Thomas Guilpain's Geostationary Earth Satellites addon (both 2002 and 2012 versions). All credit goes to him

All of the satellites here are derelict since 2008. Both fleets are rendered as "satellite.3ds"